Meet Our Fleet

The Copier Program places these cutting-edge, multifunctional devices with our customers.

Ricoh (all models can be enabled with Pharos Uniprint®):

Canon (cannot use Pharos):

We try to keep our devices as “new” as possible. About one-third our fleet is leased on 5-year terms; when leases expire we either return the device to the vendor and lease a new one, or buy the device, lease a new one for the customer, and move the purchased device to current customers with even older devices (which are turned over to the vendor for recycling).  Devices purchased directly are usually replaced at 5 years, as well.  As a result, the average age of our fleet (203 devices) is only 4 years old as of 7-15-2019.

If you’re interested in any of the Ricohs or Canons above, please have a look at the linked brochures for information, and contact us by phone (459-5799) or email If you'd like a black-only device, please give us a call.