Copier Program customers can print to most Copier Program devices, whether or not the devices have their access controlled by Pharos.

The primary difference between printing to a Copier Program device and a single-function printer is the number of options available in the print driver for the user to control their printed output.  For example, our drivers allow users to choose between color or monochrome output, single- or double-sidedness, or different types of sorting and finishing.

IP Printing

Printing to Copier Program devices without the embedded Pharos software on the campus network is as simple as printing to any single-function IP printer. Using these devices for printing is as easy as installing the correct device print driver for your operating system and printing your job.

There are many combinations of drivers, devices, and operating systems in use on campus by our users.  As such, we’ve written no detailed instructions on how to print to Copier Program devices using IP printing. Drivers for just about any version of Mac, Windows, or Linux operating systems are available for IP printing.

If you have questions about which driver to use, please contact us. If you need the print driver installed for your use contact ITS, as they support the use of Copier Program devices as IP printers. If you have issues with IP printing to Copier Program devices you can use the “Service Now” ticketing system for assistance, OR contact the Copier Program at x9-5799 or

Pharos Printing

Users should NOT use ITS’s “Service Now” ticketing system for problems with Pharos printing. ITS has little to do with enabling Copier Program customers to use Pharos printing, and any request for help through “Service Now” will take longer to fulfill than if the customer contacted Copier Program directly.

Printing to Copier Program devices with embedded Pharos software can be done in two different ways from a variety of operating systems.

Pharos Secure printing allows the user to print to the Copier Program’s secure print server and release the print job by authenticating and selecting a payment method at the device. This method is available to users of Mac, Windows, or Linux platforms.

With Pharos Direct printing the user authenticates and selects a payment method when they print, and the print job releases to the device immediately. This method is available to users of Mac and Windows platforms.

The links at left are to instructions on how to use the two methods for different operating systems after the Pharos drivers (for secure and direct printing) are correctly installed. If you need help with Pharos driver installation please click here.