Pharos Accounts

PLEASE NOTE: Users should NOT use ITS’s “Service Now” ticketing system to request Copier Program accounts, or for Pharos login/access issues on Copier Program devices.  ITS has nothing to do with Pharos accounts, and any request for help through “Service Now” take longer to fulfill than if the customer contacted Copier Program directly.

Every UCSC staff member, faculty member, and student can have access to Copier Program devices through our Pharos Uniprint® access control and account management system.  If you do not have an account, or find you cannot access your account to use Pharos, please contact us at x9-5799 or for assistance.

Each Summer we update our Pharos database with a list of incoming students for Fall quarter (as well as all staff, faculty, and students that started at UCSC since the previous Summer).  This way our Pharos accounts database almost always current and complete for all users. All students are associated with their Student Billing Services account at this time (see below).

If you are a Summer Session instructor, please contact the Summer Session office to discuss your Summer Session instructor account in Pharos.

User ID and PIN

Please go to our Copier Access page for instructions on how to log in to our Pharos-enabled devices.

FOAPAL (campus account) Use

FOAPALs are shown by FOAPAL number and a plain text descriptor on the Pharos software embedded in Copier Program devices.  FOAPALs are provided for Faculty/Staff (and some students) in a couple of ways.:

  • Department managers, unit managers, and/or unit business officers can contact the Copier Program and request particular users be associated with FOAPALs for which the requester has signature authority.  These are generally departmental or unit funds.
  • Divisional grant accountants can contact the Copier Program and request that particular grant FOAPALs be associated with particular users (usually PIs or graduate students). Faculty/researchers should request the copy accounts on their research funds through the divisional grants office, who will provide the necessary funding approval to the Copier Program (assuming there is money available on the FOAPAL for these costs and that the costs are allowable, allocable and appropriate per the award budget/terms).

Student Billing Services Use

All students have the ability to use Pharos-enabled devices by selecting their Student Business Services (SBS) account, which is listed in Pharos as "Student Billing System Charges - Paid Monthly on your Student Bill".