PLEASE NOTE: Users should NOT use ITS’s “Service Now” ticketing system to order supplies for Copier Program devices.  ITS has nothing to do with supplies for Copier Program devices.  Additionally, supply requests sent through “Service Now” take longer to fulfill than if the customer contacted Copier Program directly.

Users who need supplies should call x9-5799 or email (with “Supplies Needed” in the subject line).  Orders for supplies (toner and staples) that are in by noon will typically be delivered within one or two business days.  Paper orders will be taken for Friday delivery until noon on Thursday.  Please request supplies in advance whenever possible. Key operators will usually have supplies on hand to replace what the device is lacking; contact Copier Program to find out who is the device’s Key Operator (if you don’t already know).


Please note that the device Key Operators should have a black toner for their device on the shelf at all times.

Copier Program provides colored toner for our devices, but we cannot allow our customers to store any colored toner at their site.  Please order colored toner by color (cyan, magenta, yellow) when the device reads “Add [colored] toner soon”; this is usually when there is 20% of that toner remaining. This way the toner will be on hand when for installation when the old toner actually runs out.

Never add toner to a device unless “add toner” is displayed on the device’s display and the device is not operable due to being out of toner.  Call us (x9-5799) for assistance if you have any questions about adding toner.

Recycling: please put empty copier toner bottles in the new toner’s plastic bag and cardboard box, tape the box shut, and put it into campus mail; the boxes are labeled for recycling by the Copier Program.


If a device is out of paper, and you don’t see Copier Program paper near the device, find the Key Operator and get paper from them.  If you can’t find the Key Operator, or if they’re out of paper, you can contact us for a ream of paper you can pick up at our offices (in Baskin Engineering, Rm. B97; our hours are M-F 8-5, closed 12-1 for lunch).

Copier Program provides our customers with 100% PCW, 20 lb. white bond paper in 8.5” x 11”, 8.5” x 14”, and 11” x 17” sizes.  We deliver reams or cases of 8.5” x 11” paper, and up to 2 reams at a time of 8.5” x 14” or 11” x 17” paper.  Paper supplied by the Copier Program is for Copier Program devices only and not for departmental printers or fax machines, or for personal use.  Responsible paper use by our customers is one reason we haven’t had to raise our per-copy prices since 2006!

If the device you’re trying to use is out of staples, please find the Key Operator and have them refill the stapler.  As with other Copier Program supplies, if you can’t find the Key Operator, contact the Copier Program and we’ll help you find them.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Copier Program for any questions, concerns or other needs (x9-5799 or