How To Join

Joining the Copier Program is as simple as giving us a call, or sending us an email.

We work with you to figure out what it is you need, or what you want to afford, and once you’ve decided on a device we place a requisition in CruzBuy. The PO is created and sent to our vendor; while they nominally have 10 days to deliver the device from the receipt of the PO, due to COVID delivery times are running to as many as 4-6 months (though in the middle of 2022 it's becoming more like 3-4 months).

While there is no official, signed "agreement", we expect the unit to support the Copier Program's placement of the new device for five years as agreed informally. Monthly minimum charges are also agreed-upon between the Copier Program and the unit requesting placement of the device. The unit provides Copier Program with a FOAPAL to use in case a minimum makeup charge must be levied in any given month. These charges are calculated automatically based on the monthly volume used on a device. If the Copier Program keeps the device in place after five years has passed, the monthly minimum will be reduced (to 1,200, as of 4/1/2018).

If you’ve decided to use Pharos Uniprint® for access control, account management, and secure printing, we install the software on delivery day. We will have worked with you in the days leading up to delivery to get your users into the Pharos system, so they can use it as soon as they’re comfortable using the device.

And you can still use cards with Pharos! The Copier Program will create functional accounts linked to cards for classes, labs, and other situations where we deem card use appropriate; we will provide card readers for the customer's device, enabling card use for logging in and account access.

If you aren't using Uniprint® for access control and account management on your device, we will set up the device immediately on delivery and it will be ready to use when we leave.

We offer basic training in the features of the device on delivery day or the day after, and work with ITS to get your printer drivers set up on your computer. We can also help get the scan address book set up in the first few days.

Vendor training usually takes place in the first week a device is installed, at a time convenient to the customer. Re-training for devices that have been in place for a while is also available. At any time, if you have questions about using the device please contact us at 459-5799, or

The Copier Program bills monthly, automatically. If you’re a business officer, it means reports are emailed to you as a PDF showing the FOAPALs you manage and their use on any Pharos-enabled device on campus.

And if you ever have a question about anything Copier Program-related, please call our hotline at 459-5799, or email