Print Drivers

Below are some of the basic print drivers used for Pharos Secure printing to the Copier Program fleet. If you need a Pharos direct print driver please contact the Copier Program at x9-5273 or We generally advise against direct printing except to IP printers and Pharos-enabled devices that are in the room with you (for security reasons, among other things).

If you need drivers for IP printing, please contact ITS through its “Service Now” ticketing system, and request to be connected to your Copier Program device.



Pharos Secure Printing is particularly sensitive to Mac OS and Ricoh device type.  The two installers below will set up your Mac with the PPDs for most of the Copier Program's Ricoh devices.

In addition, you need to install the Pharos Secure Printer Popup software using the installer and instructions below.

If you cannot tell which model device you’re trying to use, need help with installing the Pharos popup driver, or have any other questions, please contact us by phone (459-5799) or email