We're all about Access

The Copier Program was started 1993 as a part of Printing Services, to provide convenience copying to those who didn’t need to use Printing Services’ high-speed duplicators. At that time, analog copiers only copied; there were no multifunctional devices, and digital was still a decade away from being affordable. There was no color copying, no printing, and no scanning.

Within a couple years we added our old SlugCard system, which allowed us to charge FOAPALs directly in FIS, while still offering faculty, staff, and students easy access to our devices. SlugCards remained the choice for access control and account management until 2011,when we began to switch over to Pharos Uniprint ®.  Pharos relegated the SlugCard system to the scrap heap in June of 2013 (though we still provide cards for use by departments for classes, labs, and for specific needs).

We currently have 190 copiers/multifunctional devices on campus, 110 of which are on Pharos. We maintain over 1,900 active FOAPALs and 28,000 active accounts; additionally, every student can charge to to their Student Billing Systems account. We bill through FIS on the last day of every month; we bill through SBS according to the schedule they provide.

To learn more about the UCSC Copier Program: meet our staff, explore the benefits of joining our program, or send us an email copierprogram@ucsc.edu with questions.