Program Benefits

The Copier Program provides an effective and economical alternative to purchasing and managing copier equipment. We place state-of-the-art Multi-Function Devices (MFDs) that can be can be networked, and come standard with scan and print functions; fax and other options are available for an additional monthly flat fee. We can place "copy only" copiers at units that have other solutions for scanning and/or printing. All devices, maintenance, supplies, paper, training, billing services, and related administrative management is included as part of the program.

Joining the Copier Program offers customers these benefits:

  • Savings to your unit of time, money and human resources.
  • No financial outlay by your unit is needed up front. Your unit pays our per-copy rate (and any minimum makeup) on a monthly basis.
  • No contracts to negotiate or sign.  The Copier Program expects units to hold to an informal 5-year "agreement" (the standard lease term is 5 years) so we can be assured of paying off the lease without losing money.  As we're also a campus unit the lack of a formal contract with our customers enables us to be more flexible if units close, or their needs change, within the first 5 years of placing a new device.
  • The Copier Program is your unit's sole source of contact for supply, maintenance, and billing; no need for a unit to contend with rising service costs, burdensome lease agreements, or having to track down a technician for service on a machine.
  • Our Pharos Uniprint® access control and account management system enables cost/accounting division among different departments and different FOAPALs. This means multiple units can share a copier and pay for only the copies they make.
  • Detailed use records are not necessary because your business office or budget manager will receive a detailed monthly recharge statement, which lists user activity by FOAPAL, user ID, and copier location.
  • Training on Copier Program devices is organized by the Copier Program when the device is delivered; your unit can request additional training at any time.
  • We work with ITS to set up your copier on the campus network; your unit only has to provide a live ethernet jack.
  • The Copier Program is responsible for meeting UCSC/UCOP digital data security standards, both when the device is in your unit and when it is replaced. Every device placed since 2011 has some form of Data Overwrite Security System, where scanned/copied/printed data is overwritten 3-7x (depending on the device), meaning the information you're passing through the device does NOT remain on the device.  This insures customer data does not move with the device if we move it from one location to another on campus.  And for all devices that have hard drives, when we recycle a device at the end of its life the hard drive is removed and destroyed per UCSC/UCOP protocols.