Key Operators


Key Operators (Keyops) are Copier Program customers designated as contact people who coordinate the service and supplies for specific Copier Program devices. The Copier Program requires one named Keyop per device, though anyone who uses the device can perform Keyop duties beyond the named Keyop if they know how to do so.  Keyops are an essential part of Copier Program customers “taking ownership” of their device as they would if they had a device obtained from any other vendor. They are responsible for adding paper, toner, and staples to their device, as well as for performing basic troubleshooting on their device, and reporting problems (in some detail) to Copier Program to request service.

When a new device is delivered, a vendor’s representative and Copier Program staff will provide the new Keyop (and other device end-users) with basic training on the device’s operations, maintenance and troubleshooting. Keyops are with whom Copier Program arranges further training for local users of the device, and Keyops are trained in the use of their device to assist local users with basic functions. Return training for Keyops/end-users is available on request to the Copier Program.

If Keyops leave their position with the customer unit, we request that unit provide Copier Program with the information (name, email, and phone number) of a new person to be trained for Keyop duties. The Copier Program will then contact the new Keyop and provide them with the necessary training to perform their responsibilities.


Keyops should call x9-5799 or email (with “Supplies Needed” in the subject line). Orders for supplies (toner and staples) that are in by noon will typically be delivered within one or two business days. Paper orders will be taken for Friday delivery until noon on Thursday. Please request supplies in advance whenever possible.

Please note that Keyops should make sure they have a black toner for their device on the shelf at all times. Our goal is to reduce crisis ordering as much as possible; to that end, if it’s your last black toner you’re putting into the device, request one immediately rather than wait until the device runs out again.

Copier Program provides colored toner for our devices, but we cannot allow our customers to store any colored toner at their site.  Please order colored toner by color (cyan, magenta, yellow) when the device reads “Add [colored] toner soon”, “prepare replacement”, or similar; this is usually when there is 20% of that toner remaining. This way the toner will be on hand when for installation when the old toner actually runs out.

NEVER add toner to a device unless an actual “out of toner” shows on the device’s display. Call us (x9-5799) for assistance if you have any questions about adding toner.

Copier Program provides 100% PCW, 20 lb. white bond paper in 8.5” x 11”, 8.5” x 14”, and 11” x 17” sizes. We can provide reams or cases of 8.5” x 11” paper, and up to 2 reams at a time of 8.5” x 14” or 11” x 17” paper. Paper supplied by the Copier Program is for Copier Program devices only and not for your department’s printers, or fax machines, or for personal use. We track paper orders, inventory and usage; paper shortages might be billed to your department.

Basic Troubleshooting

For copier jams: Follow the directions shown on the device display to clear the jam. Note that one quarter of all jamming problems are due to incorrect paper tray setup (wrong size, weight, or type of stock marked for the tray in the user tools, or incorrectly loaded paper). Check the paper tray for correctly-loaded paper (turning over the paper can sometimes help). Make sure to lock your paper trays if they have locks, and that all the guides are tight to the edges of the paper.

If you have followed these directions and the device still indicates a jam, (1) open all doors near the indicated jams and all paper trays; (2) power off the device using the main power switch (usually colored red and hidden on front or left side of the device by a translucent plastic flap) until power light goes out; (3) after a few minutes close all doors and drawers then switch the power back ON using the same switch (this should reset any false jam signals). If this does not fix the problem, contact Copier Program for service on the device.

For copy quality issues: Smudges, crinkled paper, spots of color or black toner on various parts of the output, unfused toner (peeling off the page), etc. are all problems for which you should contact Copier Program directly for assistance.  If you see a line across the pages in the same location on every page of copied output it means there’s a spot on the glass strip to the left of the platen glass. Clean that strip thoroughly then try your copies again; if it is still a problem, contact Copier Program for service on the device.


When their Copier Program device needs service beyond basic troubleshooting, Keyops should call x9-5799 or email (with “Service Request” in the subject line).  By phone or email we need to know: (1) the building, room number, and other location information of the device, (2) Keyop phone number and/or email address, (3) a clear description of the problem with as much detail as possible (any error codes, areas of jamming, output quality issues, anything broken, etc.), and (4) anything that the Keyop has done to resolve the issue.

Once Copier Program has the service call/email, we will determine if it’s something we can come out and fix, or if we need to contact a vendor’s service technician.  We will let you know what’s needed and will track the call through to the device being repaired and fully operational again.

Other Information

For information about copying, printing, or scanning using Copier Program’s Pharos Uniprint access control and account management system, please see our website at

To schedule comprehensive training on devices for users in your area, contact Copier Program (x9-5799 or and we will make arrangements with you. Our vendor’s representative will be happy to show you in detail your copier’s capabilities.  We suggest that you do this as soon as possible after installation of your new copier.

If you or people who use the device for which you are Keyop wish to use transparencies or labels, please contact Copier Program to discuss which ones to use.  We will recommend only “High Heat Copier” transparencies and labels to prevent jams, expensive drum damage to your device, and subsequent extended device downtime.  Once you’re sure of the transparencies or labels you’re going to put into the device feed them through the manual feed bypass tray only.

Recycling: please put empty copier toner bottles in the new toner’s plastic bag and cardboard box, tape the box shut, and put it into campus mail; the boxes are labeled for recycling by the Copier Program.


Please don’t hesitate to contact Copier Program for any questions, concerns or other needs (x9-5799 or  A .PDF copy of this page is available here.