Pharos Secure Printing

Using the Pharos Secure printing process our customers can print one or many document(s) from their computer and release it/them after authenticating just once at the Copier Program device.

Users should NOT use ITS’s “Service Now” ticketing system for problems with Pharos Secure printing.  ITS has little to do with enabling Copier Program customers to use Pharos Secure printing, and any request for help through “Service Now” will take longer to fulfill than if the customer contacted Copier Program directly.  If you have problems using your Pharos Secure printing process, please contact the Copier Program at x9-5799 or


Pharos Secure printing from the Mac is similar to that from a Windows computer, in that only a single popup window is launched during the Pharos Secure printing process.  The instructions below assume the Pharos Secure print driver has been installed correctly on your computer. If you need to have the driver installed, click here for instructions on how to get installation help. 

Once the custom print driver for Pharos Secure printing is properly installed, and after readying the print job, the customer sends the <Print> command.  The standard print driver window launches:

print windows

Select the Pharos Secure printer from the “Printer:” pulldown menu.  Set up any options you need from the “Copies & Pages” screen; to get to all setup options, click on the “Copies & Pages” pulldown menu.  Those specifically for the device are found in “Printer Features”. Once you’ve set up your options so your document will print how you would like, press <Print>.  The Pharos Secure popup window launches:

secure pop up

Enter your CruzID (the first part of your email, before the @ sign, is your CruzID) in the text field.  DO NOT enter your full email address, you’ll never be able to release your jobs since you don’t log in with your full email address.  Press <Print>.

The print stream is routed from your computer to the Copier Program server in ITS’s data center, where it is held to be released for 48 hours; if you don’t release the job within 48 hours of printing, it will be automatically deleted.

During those first two days customers can release job(s) on their local Copier Program device (assuming it has the Pharos iMFP embedded), or on any other Copier Program/Pharos device across campus.  However, devices using PS200 outboard touchscreens, or Copier Program devices at McHenry and Science libraries, are not set up to print. Check here for the full list of publicly-accessible devices for Pharos Secure printing; if your Copier Program device has Pharos and is not on the list, it’s not considered “publicly-accessible”, and you can release Pharos Secure jobs to it.


Printing Pharos Secure prints from Linux is a detailed process, and requires setting up a specific CUPS printer on your computer.  There are no Pharos popups for Linux. The instructions for setting up a CUPS printer for Pharos Secure printing can be found here. Pharos Secure printing has been successfully tested on the following varieties and versions of Linux/CUPS:

Redhat v6.x and v7.x

Fedora v6, v7, v25

CentOS v6 and v7

Ubuntu 16.04

Debian 8.7

CUPS versions: 1.5.3, 1.7.5, 2.1.3, 2.2.0

If you have questions about using Linux for Pharos Secure printing, or using the Pharos Secure printing process, please contact the Copier Program at x9-5799 or