UCSC Copier Program and COVID-19

Copier Program staff remain onsite at Baskin Engineering to provide service and supplies to essential staff using Copier Program devices at UCSC's main campus, Scotts Valley Center, and the Ocean Sciences Complex.

If you need service or supplies, please email us, or phone 831-459-5799.  If you are in a location that is locked down (due to the 3/20/20 Campus Directive) please arrange with staff at which door to meet to receive the supplies, and to give access to Copier Program staff or vendor staff when needed.

We are currently assessing which devices are most in use, and will begin a device decontamination program after Monday, 3/23/20.  More information can be found below.

Copier Program Key Operators, please leave your devices on, but asleep, for the duration of this crisis.  Due to the 3/20/20 Campus Directive Copier Program staff will continue to need remote access Copier Program devices, and we cannot do so if our machines are powered off.

If you have any questions or needs regarding your device, Pharos Uniprint access, etc., please email us, or phone 831-459-5799.


Copier Program Device Decontamination Program

•  Once we know what devices are still in use by essential staff working in their offices, we will come over at least once per day to wipe the devices down.  If you need your device wiped down, please contact the Copier Program and we will add you to our schedule.

•  If Key Operators prefer to wipe down their device more frequently, make an appointment with Copier Program staff to show you the required techniques and materials.

•  ONLY 60% or higher isopropyl alcohol may be used on Copier Program devices.  DO NOT USE Clorox wipes, or anything containing detergent or bleach.  Their use may void our manufacturer's maintenance agreement.

If you have any questions, please email the Copier Program, or phone 831-459-5799.