Ricoh models ending in “0”, “1”, or “2”

  1. If the touchscreen is dark, press and hold the round <Main Power> button until you hear a beep, then let go.
  2. When the touchscreen reads "Touch here or swipe card to begin", touch the screen on the copier.




  3. Using the keyboard on the touchscreen, enter your CruzID (your official UCSC email is; do not enter your full email address!) as your Username. Press <Ok> in the upper right corner of the touchscreen.




  4. Using the keyboard on the touchscreen, or the numeric keypad to the right of the touchscreen, enter the last four digits of your Faculty/Staff/Student ID number as your Password. Press <Ok> in the upper right corner of the touchscreen. Attention students: Your Student ID number is printed on the right side of your ID card. It is the middle seven digits, between the hyphens in the library barcode.




  5. Select the charge method you’d like to use for your job. All faculty and staff users will charge a FOAPAL. Student users can select a FOAPAL (if they’ve been given permission), but more often will use their Student Billing Services account; this account charges to their Student Bill at Student Business Services.




  6. The touchscreen will now show any Secure Prints being held for you on the Copier Program print server. You can release those jobs to print, or press the <Copy> or <Scan> buttons to the left of the touchscreen to access those functions.




  7. When you are finished, press the <Other Function> button to the left of the touchscreen, then <Logout> on the bottom right of the touchscreen to log out of your account.




If you have a problem accessing your account please contact us by phone (459-5799) or email